5 Ways to Protect Your Lawn Spray Equipment

March 28, 2018

Sadly, the world we live in gets more and more crooked by the day. Among the many issues you have to deal with every day, you might not think about the fact that thieves could be eyeing your lawn spray equipment. Falling victim to theft when it comes to your spray rig would cost you not only your equipment and vehicle but also your business. That’s why we cannot stress enough the importance of taking measures to ensure your investments are safe. Here are some suggestions:

Install Security Cameras—There are plenty of options on the market for this basic precaution. is just one example, offering a variety of options that allow you to access camera footage from the convenience of your phone. Sure, cameras won’t stop every criminal, but if they’re visible, they can serve as a deterrent, and you never know when they might help you track down a perpetrator.

Be Smart and Secure Your Equipment— Thieves can be lurking anywhere at any time. Never leave your keys in your truck, and always park in well-lit areas. Be proactive in securing your equipment, both large and small. When parking your equipment overnight, it’s ideal to keep it in a garage, but if you don’t have that option, secure your vehicles and tools with chains, padlocks, and wheel locks surrounded by lighting triggered by motion sensors. Another option is investing in an enclosed spray rig that allows you to store smaller equipment out of sight.

Brand Your Equipment—Branding your turf spray equipment can do more than provide marketing for your business. It can also deter thieves, since this equipment will be harder to resell. Consider branding options that aren’t easily removable, and a criminal might just pass you by for an easier target.

Get Quality Insurance—When deciding on an insurance provider, don’t skimp. Ask specific questions about their theft policy. Do they offer full replacement or just partial? What equipment types are covered? Also ask about response time to claims, because that’s time you’ll be losing business if your equipment is stolen.

Register Your Equipment—Take the time to register your equipment, even smaller items. Since serial numbers are easily tracked, registration links individual pieces to you. This will be a help if you’re trying to locate a piece of stolen equipment.

Equipment theft is a more common occurrence than most lawn care operators would like to think. Your rigs and lawn tools are valuable and easy for thieves to move. Sure, it might take a bit of time and money on the front end to ensure your equipment is safe, but that’s nothing compared to what a thief could take from you. It’s your business on the line.