Meet the people of Graham.

Learn more about the folks who deliver the products you need.

Lawn Spray Equipment Sales Manager
Charlie Holloway
Sales Manager

During his 32 years with Graham, Charlie has worked in every department of the company, including engineering. Over the years, he has come to consider many of his customers as friends. He says he returns their calls promptly and answers their questions honestly. If they call to order new lawn spray equipment and he thinks what they have can be repaired or refurbished, he’ll tell them the truth.

He’s proud of the durability and reliability of what he sells. Many of his customers have turf spray equipment that runs perfectly even after 20 years in the field.

“You’re not calling me just because I’m a nice guy,” he says. ”You’re calling me because you want equipment that works.”


Lawn Spray Equipment Ops Manager
Donny Pitts
Operations Manager

According to Donny, his most important responsibility is making sure everybody works as a team and produces lawn spray equipment that looks good and performs right. During his 27 years with the company, starting in an entry-level position while still in school, Donny has come to know the intricacies of every product Graham makes.

Dedicated to helping his customers get the most from their turf spray equipment and their budgets, he regularly diagnoses equipment problems over the phone.

“I do a lot of repairs over the phone,” he says. “I tell them what’s wrong and how to fix it. This saves them time and money.”


Lawn Spray Equipment Salesman
Dave Arnett
Sales and Price Quotes

Dave knows the products he sells from the inside out, having spent most of his 28 years with Graham in manufacturing. When customers don’t know what particular lawn spray equipment they need, he uses his product knowledge to determine the best rig for their needs.

Like his peers at Graham, he takes good care of his customers, often staying late to make sure a piece of equipment gets shipped on time or to find someone a special part.

“All of us at Graham take pride in what we do because that’s how Max Graham taught us,” says Dave, who started with the company right out of school.