Easy marketing tactics for your new rig

July 8, 2014

Here are five easy marketing tips to ensure you and your business are getting the most out of your money and your new rig.

  1. Be sure your rig states your business – Include your logo, website address, telephone number and all social media sites, if any, across the rig…and make it stand out. Potential customers are everywhere. The colors and logo will contribute toward branding that customers can identify with when they see it. When you’re heading to an appointment, parked or leaving work for the day, your rig can do work for you without you having to lift a finger. Be sure to have a professional detailer place the decals on your rig to ensure it’s the best quality. Take a look through our photo album to see what other customers have done
  2. Keep your truck clean – Your rig is often the first exposure someone has to your business, so always make a good impression. Besides if it’s dirty, all the contact details may not be clear. Be sure to wash it weekly. Maybe even a simple hose down every morning before heading out or at the end of the day may suffice to get some of the day’s dirt and grime off before potential clients see it. Remember, the rig is also your brand, an extension of YOU, and you want to present it in the best light possible.
  3. Create your yard sign – In most, if not all states, these signs are required. After a job is complete, you want to put signs on the lawn to say you just sprayed or offered service. Make sure your sign is professionally done with your phone number and website listed. Since most states require a sign, make it stand out. Again, any chance you have the opportunity to leave a mark with a current customer, a potential customer may be walking by and they may want the information to get services too.
  4. Get a professional website done: You don’t have to have a multi-page website, but in these times, that’s how prospective clients check out your credibility. No website=no credibility. Without a website that offers basic information about your services, you may miss potential customers. A 2-3 page website is all that you need to start with. These pages should include a Home page, Services and Contact us. Make sure you allow people to request an estimate online and tell them why they should use your service vs. everyone else. This is also a first impression tactic since everyone researches and Googles online. Don’t miss customer opportunities because you have no online presence.
  5. Get a couple of professional marketing pieces to leave with current and potential customers: These normally serve the purpose of making sure the client is able to physically refer back to your company and gather an incentive for sending a new customer your way. Creating a Word document and printing these items are worth the effort and should pay for itself…and generate additional income for you and your new business.

Two easy marketing tactics to execute are:

  • A Referral Program: Print a flyer letting your customers know if they refer a neighbor and that neighbor signs up with you, you’ll give the person who referred them a $25 gift card, cash or a credit on their account.
  • Customer flyers: Create a flyer about your company and drop it off at the 4-neighboring houses of your customers after you complete a job.

Taking a little time and effort to market your business can be easy and doesn’t have to be real expensive either. Good luck!