LCO Opportunities

April 27, 2016

Many people are overwhelmed by anxiety when they think of the numerous environmental threats we’re faced with today. As a lawn care professional, these threats can become an opportunity for your business. Two of the biggest environmental concerns are things lawn care operators can address. As the growing season ramps up and warmer weather rolls in, Zika virus and chemical pollution are consuming many homeowners’ thoughts.

Mosquito Fear: Everyone is on high alert for mosquitos this year with the outbreak of the Zika Virus Disease . A mosquito bite is no longer just an itchy nuisance, but instead presents a real danger to our health. This has given business a boost for many LCO’s as they’re seeing more demand for mosquito treatments to keep this threat at bay. Now is a great time to promote outdoor pest control if you offer it, or consider adding it to your services if you don’t.

  • Make a note suggesting this service on routine lawn care invoices.
  • Create a promotional flyer to educate clients about the Zika virus while promoting the pest control side of your business.
  • Promote pest control in your newsletters, social media, and other modes of client communication so it’s top of mind. 

Organic Niche: Society also continues to see a rise in green-minded people who are concerned about what’s contaminating their environment.  This has created a unique, organic niche market in the lawn care industry that LCO’s are capitalizing on. Some are focusing their businesses entirely on organic alternatives to pesticides, while others are offering blended programs that appeal to the masses. Adding an organic alternative to your program offerings is a great way to appeal to a new segment that may otherwise remain unreachable.

  • Offer the option of chemical or non-chemical treatments. Additionally, offer a hybrid program that combines general organic applications with chemical treatments for stubborn weeds and fungus that can be difficult to address effectively without chemicals.
  • Stress the benefits of organic treatments to families, pets and the environment and promote these services to your target market on social media, in health-conscious stores, schools and other family-friendly places.

Turning problems into opportunities is a great skill to have as a business owner. Constantly looking for areas to expand your business and gain new clients requires this type of proactive approach. Zika virus and environmental pollutants may be major environmental threats and concerns to the majority of the population, but to you they could mean success by offering solutions.