A Major Component to Your Spray Equipment – The John Bean Pump

March 21, 2015

Here at Graham, we use only a few select parts when we custom build our spray rigs. And the John Bean pump is one of them. Rugged and meticulously built, these work horses are designed to go the distance.

You could say the same about the company that brought us the pumps, the Bean Spray Pump Company. It was founded in 1844 in California by – you guessed it – John Bean, who invented the piston pump to spray the fruit orchards that abounded in the state. The company was enormously successful and over the many, many years has grown, diversified, and bought other companies, changing its name each time along the way.

Today, the JBT Corporation, which has divisions in food-processing technology, aero tech, and automated guided vehicles, traces its ancestry back to 1844 and to John Bean (the initials stand for John Bean Technologies). And 170 years later it’s still producing the pumps that set the standards for quality throughout the lawn care and agricultural industries. That’s longevity!

Now, you can’t expect  your John Bean pump to last 170 years, but you can expect remarkable longevity and outstanding performance. Exceptional design and the highest quality materials go into every pump, including:

  • Heavy-duty cast iron for the pump cases
  • Ceramic cylinders that resist corrosion and wear
  • Hardened stainless steel valves and seats
  • Spring-loaded seals that keep dirt out and oil in
  • Heavy-duty over-sized ball bearings
  • Completely enclosed working parts with constant oil-bath lubrication

Graham Spray Equipment is a Bean pump exclusive dealer.

The design, materials, and craftsmanship of John Bean pumps simply add up to a hard-working, long-lasting component that also offers minimal maintenance requirements and easy service. It’s why we carry them and why so many of our customers ask for a Bean pump when we build their rigs.

In fact, we’re so sold on them that Graham is the exclusive dealer of Bean pumps in Georgia. They’ve been delivering exceptional satisfaction to our customers for so many years, and we have the satisfaction of knowing we’ve built a component into their spray rig that’s going to perform for them job after job and year after year to come.