Daily Maintenance Will Keep Your Spray Unit Up and Running Longer

June 5, 2014

With proper maintenance, you could add years to your spray unit.  Follow these tips every day to stay in the field longer:

  • Clean the Screen: Make sure to clean the screen daily for maximum operational efficiency. Otherwise, it will cake up and stress your pump, negatively affecting calibration.  Did you know that one possible cause of a sudden drop in flow is a clogged screen? You need a good flow of material from tank to pump for your material to flow efficiently. Also, not cleaning often enough might cause you to bust the diaphragm, lose oil and then your pump could burn out.
  • Distribute Enough Material: For proper calibration, make sure you distribute enough material per 1000 square feet (one minute per 1000 square feet) every day.
  • Wash Your Lawn Spray Truck: It’s important to wash your lawn spray truck on a regular basis.  Daily to weekly. By removing any collected fertilizer, this will help prevent corrosion, increase longevity and look better for your customers.  Also, corrosion from not washing enough can cause ground failure.
  • Check Your Pump Before Leaving for the Day: Make sure the pump is pumping properly before you leave the shop. Bucket check it every day by pulling the trigger on the gun, then let the material fill up in a bucket over a certain period of time. A rule of thumb is 3 GPM = 1000 sq. ft.
  • Check Your Belts: Are your belts running smoothly? If not, make sure they are not dry or cracked.  Also check to see you have the correct tension on the idlers. You may need to tighten them up.  Tighten by feel and just enough so there’s a half inch of spring in them.
  • Check Your Reel: Press the master button and make sure it reels up before you leave for day.
  • Double-check your Daily Route: Be sure to check your paperwork and have your route in order before you leave the shop. Realizing while out in the field that you have missing or incorrect orders means wasted time and money.