Nurturing Employee Growth and Strengthening Your Work Force

October 20, 2016

The success of any business always tracks back to the employees. A motivated employee is a happy employee.  Are you challenging your employees? Are your employees encouraged to learn new skills, work together and support each other? There is no secret formula to creating a nurturing environment for employees. Strengthening your workforce is not an exact science. But here are a few career development ideas to motivate your employees:

  1. Job Enrichment. Provide employees with opportunities to benefit their current role while encouraging developmental growth. Ask employees to contribute to team meetings, assist during company volunteer day or join a diversity committee.
  2. Mentoring or Coaching. Establish a mentoring program. Match employees with newer team members. Mutual respect developed from these relationships help with employee retention. And this coaching and mentoring relationship fosters problem solving and communications skills while improving the quality of work.
  3. Job Shadowing. Job shadowing is following a person who holds a particular position to learn how to do the job. Shadowing allows employees to learn the critical elements of other jobs while opening the door to explore internal career opportunities.
  4. Job Rotation. Rotating employees through one or more positions is an excellent way to motivate employees while expanding their skill set.  If promoting employees is not an option, rotations can give them a broader understanding of the company. Rotations can last for days or months.
  5. Lateral Move. In a lateral move, the employee assumes a different position with the same salary grade and level of responsibility. Benefits of a lateral move are skill development and the opportunity for new challenges.
  6. Promotions. Promoting employees is an excellent way to reward performance, increase motivation and encourage the development of skills.
  7. Continuing Education. Continuing education programs offer workers the opportunity to earn college degrees or attend classes to learn job-related skills. Workers become more valuable employees by enrolling in these programs.
  8. Internships. One in four interns will become a full-time employee of the company. Internships help employers determine how an individual would fit into their workplace. Interns have the opportunity to test drive their career, environment, and learn new skills.

Lack of growth and developmental can have serious consequences. Don’t wait for employees to leave for another opportunity. Implement employee retention programs now to avoid losing key employees later.


photo credit: Western Area Power Admin 3U7A0721 via photopin (license)