Meet the people of Graham.

When you deal with Graham, you’re working with people who genuinely understand how important quality equipment and knowledgeable service are to you and your business.

Donny Pitts
General Manager

If it’s done at Graham, Donny’s learned it and done it in his 30+ years with the company. His favorite part of the GM job is working with the team, producing equipment that they’re proud of and that serves customers well.


Dondra Owens
Office Manager

Dondra’s been with Graham for almost 25 years. She takes pride in helping things run smoothly and loves meeting customers.


Dave Arnett
Sales Manager

Dave started 30+ years ago on the shop floor. “What I built with my own two hands was helping someone make a living – that’s something to take pride in. As sales manager, I know what our equipment is capable of, and helping customers get the right setup is about the best job I could have.”


Charlie Holloway
Sales Consultant

A natural-born people person, Charlie loves working with the crew at Graham and helping customers get their first spray unit or expand their fleet. Starting on the shop floor, Charlie’s been with the company for more than 35 years.


Chad Sosebee
Operations Manager

Chad has risen through the ranks in his 20+ years at Graham by learning all aspects of the business. That includes working with customers to understand exactly what they need. Crafting the best possible spray unit for a customer’s business is one of the things Chad likes most about his job.


Richard Wilson
Parts Manager

Whether we’re building your spray unit or getting you replacement parts, Richard makes sure we have what you need when you need it. Richard’s been with Graham for two years and describes his co-workers as “just the right amount of crazy to make every day fun.”


Kat Slowik
Customer Service

Kat started with Graham a couple of years ago doing administrative work. Today, she’s part of the shipping and receiving team. For her, filling every order with exactly what the customer needs makes for a great day.


Tony Blackstock
Welding Shop Manager

With 30+ years at Graham, Tony has seen and done it all – from building equipment to specializing in welding. Now he’s heading up the welding shop, and his goal is flawless execution.


Jim Watson
New Business Development

Whatever hat Jim has worn – sales, purchasing, general manager – in his 25+ years with Graham, his goal’s been the same: to set customers up with a spray unit that performs for the long haul. Valuing responsive service and quality workmanship is the key to meeting that goal.