The Graham Legacy

We at Graham pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our customers. Many lawn care professionals have been working with us for 30 years or more because of our quality products and top-notch customer service. They know that we care about their success. We want to understand each individual business before we start building a rig. That kind of service keeps customers coming back when it’s time to add to their fleet. 

This page features stories straight from our customers about why they keep purchasing rigs from Graham year after year. 

“Graham Spray Equipment has always done right by us.”
Reynolds Cook
Owner, Southern Lawns
Year Southern Lawns Started: 1978
Years Doing Business with Graham: 40+
Units from Other Providers: 0
Graham Rigs in the Field: 18
Oldest Rig in Use: 20 years

When You Find What Works, You Stick with It

Anyone running a lawn spray business knows that top-notch techs and outstanding customer service will get you only so far. You also need spray equipment you can count on to perform day in and day out. And when you find it, you stick with it.

For Auburn, Alabama-based Southern Lawns, “what works” has always been Graham Spray Equipment. In fact, the third-generation family-owned and locally operated lawn care provider has done business exclusively with Graham for more than four decades.

No reason to go anywhere else

When Reynolds Cook, Southern Lawns’s owner, needs to purchase a new spray rig, he doesn’t even price equipment with other providers. “Graham has always done right by us, so there’s no reason for us to go elsewhere,” he explains.

“Graham spray rigs are superior products. They’re well-built, dependable, and durable,” says Reynolds, adding that several of their rigs currently in daily use are 15 to 20 years old.

And then there’s the people

High-quality equipment is not the only thing that keeps Southern Lawns coming back to Graham.

According to Reynolds, “The Graham team is full of good people. They offer great customer service, help with troubleshooting, and fast delivery for parts. Their trustworthiness and reliability are some of the most important benefits of working with Graham.”

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