As long as you have Graham lawn spray equipment, you can count on us.

When you purchase a unit from Graham, we’ll make sure it’s there when you need it. We do whatever it takes to keep your lawn spray equipment in full working order. It’s why our turf equipment stays in the field for up to 30 years with proper maintenance. Our team will work hard to understand your needs, and what we can do to make your business stronger.

Here’s why service from Graham is second-to-none:


We can repair your Graham lawn
spray equipment at either of our
locations: Douglasville or Norcross.

Quick Turnaround

With an appointment, we can
provide a short turnaround time for
most repairs, including pumps,
regulators, hose replacements and
truck unit re-plumbing.

Expanded Service Hours

We offer expanded service hours
at both locations:
Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET.


We can completely refurbish
a unit in a week.

Parts Inventory

Our improved parts inventory
reduces backorders on our turf
spray equipment.

Competitive Pricing

We offer more competitive
parts pricing.

Immediate Delivery

We stock commonly used truck
beds for immediate delivery.

Online Catalog

We offer online parts ordering for
our lawn spray equipment directly
on this website.


Winterizing services are available
for lawn spray equipment.

Installation Support

We’ll talk you through the installation
of a new part right over the phone.


We offer special financing on trucks
equipped with our spray units, with
truck delivery throughout the
continental United States.


We provide rough estimates on
repairs and refurbishing over
the phone.

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Don’t hesitate to call us at 800-543-2810 to discuss what you need to build your dream rig, or simply request a quote.

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