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Check out what customers say about spray units we’ve built – some going back to the 1980s and still in the field. We could tell you why our lawn spray equipment lasts so long and performs so well, but why not hear it from guys who put their rigs to the test every day.

  • Fairway Green, Inc.

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    Fairway Green, Inc.

    Robert Windish - Hillsborough, NJ

    “Our first Graham truck was built in 1988 and still looks good. We’re out doing production every day with it, 27 years later. Thanks Graham!”

  • Turf Magic

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    Turf Magic

    Jason Dorsey - Forsyth, GA

    “Graham Spray Equipment came highly recommended from fellow lawn care professionals. Donnie was able to complete my GSE 300-gallon unit ahead of schedule, which allowed us to realize more revenues as a start-up company. Kudos to everyone at GSE!”

  • Reliable Lawn Care

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    Reliable Lawn Care

    Frank Modugno - Holtsville, NY

    “The greatest truck built by Graham Spray Equipment still runs and looks as good as it did in 1987.”

  • Outdoor Inspirations

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    Outdoor Inspirations

    Mark Yarbrough - Grayson, GA

    “The entire team took good care of me. Everything was done in a timely manner. I could tell everyone had a specific job to do and the installation went very smoothly. You have a great team of folks over there – like a well oiled machine. I can see why Graham has such a great reputation.”

  • Chad’s Lawn Care

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    Chad’s Lawn Care

    Chad Smith - Alabster, AL

    “If you spray lawns for a living, you need Graham Spray Equipment to build your spray rig! I’ve seen the work they do. I know the quality of their work. I had a rig design in mind and Graham built it just like I wanted it. Graham does great work!”

  • Sharp Lawn Services

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    Sharp Lawn Services

    Brad Cranshaw - Dallas, GA

    “The GSE 100-gallon skid with electric pump has served me well over the years. Thank you!”

  • North Carolina Turf Care

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    North Carolina Turf Care

    Ryan Tyrell – Youngsville, NC

    “We found Graham Spray Equipment a few years ago and had them build us a 800-gallon spray rig. Once we started using it, we bought two more. We have had other companies stop and ask us where they can get a sprayer like that. We will only be purchasing from Graham in the future.”

  • Lawn Doctor of Savannah

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    Lawn Doctor of Savannah

    Mark Deloach - Savannah, GA

    “I’ve been with Graham Spray Equipment since the late ’90s. We have four Graham rigs: two 6-wheel trucks and two F-250s with 400-gallon units. We’ve always been impressed with the service we get after the sale. My techs can call Graham from the field and get help with anything they need. Their knowledge and customer service are the reasons we use Graham.”

  • The Lawn Ranger

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    The Lawn Ranger

    Wally Carson - Hendersonville, TN

    “In 2010 we lost everything we own to a flood… computers, trucks, paper records, maps we had drawn, estimates… everything. We thought we might save our vehicles but they were destroyed. By the time we realized we could not use our trucks, Graham had found us three trucks in California. The tanks we had were still OK so Graham swapped the beds, tanks and reels onto the new trucks and had it done in one week. If they had not been there to help us so quickly I would have gone out of business.”

  • The Other Side, Inc.

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    The Other Side, Inc.

    Joe Edmondson - Norcross, GA

    “I started working with Graham back in 1986, and when I started my own lawn care business in 2000 I knew these were the guys I wanted to use. The integrity and quality of their equipment are unmatched by anyone else out there. I have been using the same rig on my truck since 2000, and I am not sure I’d be able to say that if I had gone with someone else.”

  • Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance

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    Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance

    Jimmy Cox - Colonial Heights, VA

    “We couldn’t be happier with not only the box truck we got from Graham Spray Equipment this spring, but with the awesome service we have received from them throughout the year. Graham’s staff has been friendly, enthusiastic, and responsive to everything we’ve asked, and we’ve been encouraging everyone in our area of Colonial Heights, VA to work with them. Graham​ does a great job of providing quality service and products in everything they do.”

  • Alabama Lawns

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    Alabama Lawns

    Craig Jones - Montgomery, AL

    “We’ve been doing business with Graham for over 26 years and have always had good results. We’re very happy with the personal service they provide”

  • Wynn's Intensive Lawn Care Inc.

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    Wynn's Intensive Lawn Care Inc.

    Barry Wynn - Douglasville, GA

    “I have been a customer since the beginning in 1980 and would definitely recommend Graham. We bought our truck back in 1997, and it’s still in great shape today. Graham has great products that they stand behind.”

  • Southern Exposure Landscapes, LLC

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    Southern Exposure Landscapes, LLC

    Paul Kent – Foley, AL

    “With a Graham spray rig, you will have the key to a landscape maintenance operation that produces green and disease-free lawns. I am a firm believer in having the proper equipment for a job, and this is it.”

  • Phillips Turf Science

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    Phillips Turf Science

    Wayne Phillips – Niceville, FL

    “When I first began to search for a large-volume tank unit, the only name I was hearing was Graham Spray Equipment. Being six hours away from the Graham facility was not even an issue for me. We purchased two identical units in 2017, truck and everything, all through the coordination of the Graham team. I could not be happier with my decision.”

  • LawnAmerica

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    Rob Sneller – Fletcher, NC

    “Our rig has received many looks and compliments from customers, employees of other businesses, and passers-by who see our team in action.  We are very grateful for and appreciative of this truck that was thought through and created for us!”

  • Project Green

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    Project Green

    Mark G. Tavares - Richmond, VA

    “We contacted Graham because we had very specific ideas in mind for our spray tanks. They took our ideas and brought them to life. Their quality, knowledge and customer service are unmatched. I highly recommend them.”

  • The McKinley Group, Inc.

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    The McKinley Group, Inc.

    Jeffrey McKinley - Lilburn, GA

    “I have been a Graham customer for the past 8 years and the experience has been wonderful. They offer the best customized spray equipment trucks for big jobs and are the only company I would recommend. Their staff is personable, knowledgeable and always there when I need them.”

  • Fairway Green

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    Fairway Green

    Sam Lang - Raleigh and Charlotte, NC

    “We bought our first Graham rig in 1984…and we still have our Graham trucks on the road today. We’ve never gotten rid of them. Those guys over there [at Graham] – that customer service – they have it instilled in them. They are going to bend over backwards for you to provide good service. Just little things. They just do it.”

  • Superior Lawn Services

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    Superior Lawn Services

    Kenneth Crisp Jr. - Jonesboro, AR

    “I’ve been a satisfied Graham customer for over 20 years. I have built a business for myself with their equipment and a warm, inviting, long-lasting relationship with the staff. Mr. Charlie, Mrs. Linda, and Wayne are like family to me… I cherish their friendship, character, and integrity. My company has 13 Graham rigs now – some over 20 years old – and like our relationship, they are reliable, trustworthy, and keep going strong every day.”

  • Gillenwater Lawn Care

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    Gillenwater Lawn Care

    Randy Gillenwater - Savannah, GA

    “Graham knows what they are doing and they understand our needs. I can call at any time and troubleshoot and they will walk through the process with me step by step. They will take as much time as needed to get me up and working. If I need parts they are shipped to me next day, no questions asked.”

  • Southern Lawns

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    Southern Lawns

    Reynolds Cook - Auburn, AL

    “Graham Spray rigs are superior products and have served us very well over the years. The staff is very helpful if we ever have any questions and very prompt in sending parts. They take pride in their equipment.”

  • Turf Experts LLC

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    Turf Experts LLC

    Marcus Belote – Apex, NC

    I’m a first-time customer of Graham Spray Equipment and Rush Truck Center.  I was totally blown away by the service from both companies.  My Graham sales guy walked me through everything I needed to know and had recommendations for all the equipment I needed. Because of the service I received from these two companies, I will definitely be back to purchase another truck.

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