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Expert Advice on Upgrading from a Pickup Truck

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Is Your Pickup Truck Still the Right Size for Your Lawn Spray Business?

Lawn spray businesses – large and small – turn to us not just for well-made, long-lasting spray equipment, but also for advice they can trust. They know we want them in a spray rig that’s going to help them be profitable and grow. A big part of that is knowing when to upgrade. So let’s talk pickup trucks.

A Pickup Truck Equipped with a Spray Unit Can Serve You Well

Outfitting a pickup with spray equipment has its benefits. For starters, the relatively low cost makes it a smart entry-level choice for lots of folks (but not necessarily all) who are just starting out. This is a critical period, and the last thing you – or we – want is for you to buy more spray rig than you can afford or need. This is definitely not good for the bottom line and could even be a business killer. A pickup truck also has other advantages regardless of where you are in establishing your spray business. Compared with a larger, dedicated spray rig, the pickup is better suited for rough terrain, like dirt roads, and for special services, such as treating trees and shrubs when the bulk of your business is spraying lawns. We have many customers who have a pickup truck in their fleet of larger rigs exactly for these reasons.

So, even if you started out with a pickup because of affordability, you may still find it useful as your business takes off and begins growing. And when that happens, you should understand how upgrading to a larger rig will support – and even promote – your success.

There’s Wisdom in Knowing When – and How – to Upgrade

Just like more rig than you need can hurt your business, so can less than you need. If you’re not taking on new customers because of tank and equipment capacity, or you just don’t have the time, you need to look into upgrading to a dedicated spray rig. You might want to put off a new, major expense, but a rig will produce much higher, more consistent revenue than the pickup truck that has brought you this far.

You can service more properties per day.

A flatbed rig provides greater tank, storage, and cargo capacity, allowing you to treat more properties in a single trip. You can take on new customers on your current route and even expand into new territory, all without wasting time driving to go restock spray products.

We customize for maximal efficiency.

How many times have you said “It would be easier or faster if.…”? A rig is the answer to a lot of business challenges. When we work with a new customer, we always start by finding out about their business: the types of lawns they treat, the density and spread of their routes, what they need to do better now, and what they want to be able to do a few years down the road. Then we custom-design a highly efficient rig. Whatever you need – multiple tanks and compartments, spray hose access from both sides, accessories and storage where you want them – we’ll design a rig that makes your work faster and easier and allows your business to keep growing.

A rig advertises your business for free.

A clean, professional rig that clearly displays your logo and business information tells your customers’ neighbors exactly who’s treating their lawns. It’s also a mobile billboard while you’re driving along your route. Our customers tell us their rigs sell their service for them. A spray rig is a major investment, and deciding to upgrade from a pickup can feel risky.

We use our decades of experience working with lawn spray operators just like you to guide them not just to a Graham rig, but the Graham rig that’s right for them. When it’s time for a second rig, we want you to want to come back to us. That’s why our wisdom comes with every purchase.