Graham Spray Equipment Launches LawnScaper, New All-in-One Rig for Lawn Care–Landscaping Businesses

Atlanta, GA, April 26, 2018

Graham Spray Equipment is pleased to announce the latest addition to its lineup of high-quality spray equipment and rigs: the GSE LawnScaper. Designed to meet the needs of the growing number of companies that provide both landscaping and lawn care services, the LawnScaper accommodates a 300-gallon or 400-gallon Graham spray unit, a ride-on mower or spreader sprayer, and other landscape and spray equipment right on the bed of an Isuzu NPR-HD truck. Because the ride-on equipment sits on the truck bed, users of the LawnScaper avoid the hassles and hazards of towing a trailer.

Along with enhanced safety, the LawnScaper provides versatility and efficiency in several ways. The skidmounted spray unit can be removed whenever it makes sense to use the rig for landscaping only. A forkable heavy-duty steel frame for the hose and reel setup gives field techs total flexibility in using the hose or a spreader sprayer to apply liquid products. The fiberglass tank can be compartmented according to customer specification. For example, a 300-gallon tank can be split into a 190-gallon compartment for lawn applications and a 110-gallon compartment for tree and shrub applications. Fold-down bed rails and a split gate with gate assist make it easy to load and offload equipment.

The Isuzu truck used for the LawnScaper features a 14-foot heavy duty landscape bed with an additional 4-foot dovetail, a removable block fence to protect the spray unit, and an underbody tool box. The NPR-HD truck has 152-inch wheelbase and GVWR of 14,500 pounds.

“More and more of our customers are landscapers who want to add lawn, tree, and shrub care so they can be a full-service business. With the LawnScaper we can give them a rig that’s safe and meets all their needs.”

– Dave Arnett, Graham Sales Manager

The standard Graham spray unit features a 300-gallon fiberglass tank with jet agitation, a 5.5-hp Honda engine with electric start, an AR-30 diaphragm pump, and a Hannay reel with power rewind, among other proven components. Several options are available, including a 400-gallon tank (maximum) and dualpumping systems.

Like all Graham spray rigs, the LawnScaper comes with lifetime phone support and, with proper maintenance, can deliver reliable service for 30 years or longer.

To learn more about the GSE LawnScaper and other Graham spray equipment call 800-543-2810.