Graham Spray Equipment Unveils Two New Lawn-Spray Units

Atlanta, GA, October 28, 2016

For dealers, trade shows are an opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing customers and win over new ones. No doubt, Graham Spray Equipment did both this fall at the Deep South Turf Expo and the GIE+EXPO with the rollout of their new 600-gallon spray rig and 300-gallon compact unit. The brand-new spray equipment is designed to meet the needs of lawn-spray businesses who do not need all of the capacity and features of Graham’s full-scale 600- and 300-gallon spray units.

By tailoring each of the units specifically to lawn care applications, Graham can offer a cost-effective product to a key segment of the spray industry. The new 600-gallon spray rig, consisting of the spray equipment and Isuzu truck, retails for $49,900. The 300-gallon compact unit, which fits a three-quarterton pickup truck and includes wheel-well cutouts, retails for $6,775.

“Some companies and independent guys who want to spray lawns don’t need all the capacity and features required for larger-scale turf, tree, and agriculture applications. And it doesn’t make sense to pay for something you don’t need. So I’m really glad we’re offering spray units that work for their bottom line.”

– Dick Bare, Owner of Graham Spray Equipment

In a 10-month season, Graham estimates the 600-gallon unit can generate $200,000 in revenue, based on spraying twenty 6,000- square-foot lawns a day at $50 per lawn.

Value propositions like this are an integral part of Graham’s business model. The company sees itself as working in partnership with its customers to help them succeed, offering lifetime phone support and custom-building rigs to their customers’ specifications.