Graham Spray Equipment’s Lawn Care Guru, Teddy Mathis, Gives Expert Advice in New Blog Series

Atlanta, GA, June 21, 2019

Graham Spray Equipment has a long tradition of offering its customers top-notch guidance, as well as the best spray units and rigs around. So the Georgia-based company is very excited to announce its new blog series, Teddy’s Tips, hosted by long-time lawn care professional turned Graham sales-team member Teddy Mathis. The series focuses on sharing industry insights and tricks of the trade to help Graham customers and all lawn care professionals run responsible, profitable businesses.

Mathis is uniquely suited to his new role as subject-matter expert and blogger. Before joining Graham in 2017, he owned and operated his own successful lawn care company for 17 years and was himself a Graham customer. He has worked in the field, managed employees, purchased lawn spray equipment and spray rigs, and performed every other function that comes with running a lawn care business. Along the way, he has learned invaluable lessons from his mistakes and his triumphs and looks forward to sharing that knowledge in Teddy’s Tips.

“Teddy is a guy who has been there, done that. He has walked in the same shoes as our customers, and he speaks from that experience on the sales floor and in the blog. What’s more, Teddy knows firsthand what it’s like to be a Graham customer. He really understands the customer perspective from every angle.”

– Dave Arnett, Graham Sales Manager

Teddy’s inaugural post, addressing simple things lawn care techs can do to apply chemicals in an environmentally responsible manner, can be found at