Professionalism = Profitability

June 5, 2014

Although looks and appearances aren’t everything, first impressions can count for a lot in the lawn care business. It’s very difficult to overcome a poor first impression, regardless of your knowledge or expertise.  A professional appearance builds trust and confidence with your customers and after all, word of mouth is the best (and cheapest) form of marketing.

Here are some tips to remember:

  • Uniforms: Make sure technicians have uniforms with their company name and logo on them. Don’t wear them when they’re dirty – order a few for each person.  Also, make sure your technicians are all wearing the same type of shoes and keep facial hair neat and groomed. If you take care of your appearance, your customers will feel confident that you will also take care of their properties.
  • Professional Marketing Materials: Be sure to have professionally designed order forms and brochures with your logo, phone number and website included. A consistent look on all materials builds credibility.
  • Lawn Spray Truck: Remember that your truck is a moving billboard.  Keep it clean and free of debris.  Make sure your truck has your company name, logo, phone number and website on it.  As you’re moving in and out of neighborhoods, your truck is what your customers (and prospective customers) see first.  Make sure you stand out!
  • Leave-behind Quotes for Additional Services: Take the time to leave quotes with your customers for other issues you see, such as grassy weeds, fungus, aeration or insects.  Show them all the options possible with their properties. Communicating with your existing customers about issues they may or may not have noticed is a smart (and easy) way to grow your business.  If they are a current customer and happy with your service, there’s a great chance they will buy from you again. Make sure you leave a professional-looking quote with an offer that has an expiration date, so that customers are incented to act quickly.