Teddy’s Tips: Keep Your Lawn Care Company Environmentally Conscious

April 25, 2019

Here at Graham, we’re lucky to work with some of the best professionals in the business. Our National Fleet Manager, Teddy Mathis, ran his own lawn care business for 17 years before joining the Graham team. Since he has the unique experience of working on both sides of the industry, he’ll be giving us some short but impactful pieces of advice in his new series, “Teddy’s Tips.” Read on for the first-ever post!

We’re in the midst of the spring busy season, and everything is blooming and pollinating. Since working outside with pollen can cause discomfort because of allergies, it’s important for lawn specialists to protect themselves. Using a filter system or breathing apparatus while things are pollinating can really help.

And speaking of pollen, in our industry it’s important that we protect the process of pollination. This industry was founded on making plants — and grass — healthier. We understand that weed control is not only for aesthetics (though that’s how it is marketed), but it’s also to promote the health of turf. Here are some of my tips on integrating environmentally friendly practices in your lawn care company:

  1. Use the minimum amount of product to accomplish the goal. Be careful not to over-apply chemicals. When using granular fertilizer, for example, be careful not to throw it into the street where it will be washed into the drains. If you get some in the street, blow it back into the lawn where plants can benefit from it.
  2. Avoid using petroleum-based chemicals. They’re really harsh on the environment.
  3. If possible, use the wide variety of organic options that offer great turf management. Try to teach your customers about the benefits of these options.
  4. If you’re a business owner, monitor your chemical usage daily. Use a gauge to track the use of chemicals each day so that you know how much you’re using. It’s our job as industry professionals to keep up with every ounce and where it was distributed.
  5. Keep an eye on others in the business. We should police ourselves so that we know qualified people are the ones who are distributing these products.  

If your lawn company doesn’t offer organic chemicals, there are plenty of ways to make sure you’re staying as environmentally friendly as possible. You’ll make a difference just by paying more attention to your chemical usage.