5 Questions to Ask Before Adding Lawn Care to Your Landscape Company

March 26, 2019

Have you ever considered offering lawn care services through your landscaping company? The numbers say that the investment is likely to pay off, but there are many important factors to consider before taking the leap into turf management. In hopes of providing some guidance, we listed a few questions to ask yourself when figuring out whether to commit to this change.

  1. Do you know your market? Studying up on your area’s market is the first step. Can it support another company? Is your area consistently growing? It’s also a good idea to gain an understanding of the trends in lawn care. Are you aware of the most up-to-date chemical options available? Would you need changes or additions to your equipment? Understanding what your area needs and what you have to offer is an important step in this process.
  2. Can you afford it? If you’re looking to go all in, make sure you’re aware of what the true costs will be. Calculate what you’d need to spend on manpower, spray equipment, and other necessary gear. By knowing roughly what to expect, you’re less likely to be blindsided once you get the ball rolling. 
  3. Is your business running smoothly already? Consider how long you’ve been in the business. If your business is running smoothly and you have the opportunity to make a change without rocking the boat too much, now might be the time. Ask yourself if you’d be able to weather some changes without risk of major failure. 
  4. What do your customers want? Consider your current customers, and ask them if they’d prefer having lawn care services added to your repertoire. Would your revenue increase because customers prefer “one-stop-shops”? Personal feedback about this would be extremely important.
  5. Are you ready for a new challenge? If the transition to turf management goes well, it’s still a major change in your business model. This article in Landscape Management explains that a focus on lawn care requires an investment in networking and marketing. It also emphasizes that the best way to transition is to market to your existing customers. Are you ready for another element to be added to your business? Do you have the energy and time to devote to a new challenge? If so, maybe it’s time to make the leap!

While there are definite positives to adding to your landscape business, it’s important to consider all of the relevant factors before making your decision. If you would like any help from us here at Graham, we’re happy to talk through equipment costs and offer advice. Give us a call at 770.942.1617.