Ask the Experts: Our Inside Scoop on Rigs and Customer Service

January 28, 2019

When it comes to advice regarding spray equipment, there are no better experts than our own. That’s why we interviewed Dave Arnett, Teddy Mathis, and Robert Perkins about their favorite equipment and their favorite parts of the business. Read on for the inside scoop.

Favorite GSE Spray Rigs

With so many customizable options to choose from, it’s difficult to narrow down the choices to just one. That said, Teddy, who works in sales, has been on both sides of the business and chooses the GSE Enclosed Unit with a ride-on spreader carrier option. It offers advertisement space, and Teddy likes it especially for its ability to “hide the tanks, and carry a ride-on spreader. It’s streamlined and cool.”

Robert, our parts manager, likes one of our newer models, the GSE LawnScaper, the best. He explains: “I used to be a technician for a local lawn-care company. I’d always go out to a yard and notice it would need aeration, and most of the time, the client would want it right then and there, but we’d have to schedule another visit. The LawnScaper offers the possibility to render extra services immediately and is good for utility.”

Working at Graham Spray Equipment

At Graham, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer experience. While this benefits the customer, it brings a lot of meaning to our employees, too.

Dave, our sales manager, has been with the company since 1985 and says that relationships are the best part of the job. “For me, what I like are the people I work with — both colleagues and clients. It’s fulfilling to help the customer figure out his ultimate design or type and what is going to work best for him in his career. What we do is produce a piece of equipment for his livelihood for the foreseeable future; he will provide for his family with the product we’re building.” Dave continues, “We know we’ve done our job right when we get a referral from another customer who says, ‘Whatever you do, buy a Graham unit.’”

Teddy also values getting to know his customers. Since he has worked in the business for over 20 years, he is able to mentor those who are just getting started. For example, he explains that last year, “there was a smaller company out of Tennessee that I helped, and now the owner and I speak on a consistent basis and have become personal friends.”

Robert agrees. He explains: “Some of the customers that call up have been with Graham for 20, 30, almost 40 years. Those guys are knowledgeable, and I learn just as much from them as they learn from me about parts. It’s cool to bridge the gap generation-wise.”

Customizable rig options set us apart, but personalized service and genuine appreciation for customers is what makes our business so special. It’s a two-way street; when our customer is content, so are we.