September 20, 2022

Research shows that it’s possible to have too many choices.  We don’t want to make the wrong decision, so we keep gathering information until our thought processes lock up.  At Graham, we offer a long list of customization options, but we know that having so many alternatives can be challenging.  Here are some recommendations that can help you conduct a better search for the right rig.

Compartmented tank design: If you can afford it, a tank that’s been divided internally into two compartments gives you much more flexibility than an unsegmented tank. The compartments can be filled with different treatments, allowing a single technician to service two groups of lawns with different needs on a combined route. Alternatively, you might have put together a route that consists solely of properties that receive the same treatment. In that case, you can feel free to fill both sides of a subdivided tank with the same application.

Planning for growth: Most companies seek to expand.  Are you satisfied with the number of accounts that you have now and the revenues that you’re generating from them?  We advise our customers to level up to some degree so you don’t have to turn potential clients away or rush into the purchase of another rig.

Warranty protection: We don’t like to brag, but our spray units are built to such high standards that they’re still going strong when the vehicles that carry them are ready for retirement. Keep your technicians out of the shop and on the road by purchasing the most durable truck you can afford.  If you’re just starting out, you may not have many options, but you know as well as we do the value of investing your earnings in better equipment as soon as you can.  

Diesel trucks should have a five-year, 200,000-mile warranty. Standard warranties for gas-powered vehicles cover five years and up to 125,000 miles.

At Graham, we’re just as proud of our service as we are of our products.  We think of ourselves not just as a vendor but as a partner in your success.  Our staff wants to get to know you and your business so we can give you the best advice possible about the equipment that’s most appropriate for your specific needs.

For example, we currently have a variety of skid sprayers equipped with 200-gallon tanks in stock.  A lot of people would guess that these relatively basic spray units mainly appeal to small operations that are just getting off the ground.  But over the years we’ve learned that owners of larger, well-established companies, looking for a way to expand an existing fleet quickly, are happy to mount one of these sprayers on a pickup and put it to work.  According to our customers, one of these can generate $145,000 of revenue or more every year, which is a number that looks good to businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re interested in one of these skid sprayers or in one of our fully customized rigs, we’re always ready to talk.  Call us today at 770.942.1617 to get started.