Get Your Business, Your Rig, and Your Team Ready for the Busy Season

April 5, 2022

As most of the country emerges from winter, everyone is excited to see the first signs of spring. You and your employees are ready to get back to business, so here are a few ways to stretch those well-rested muscles and shake off the dust to get your busiest time of the year off to the best start possible.

Reverse-Winterize Your Spray RigIf you live in an area where weather necessitates a break from lawn service, we’re sure you winterized your rig. As you know, one of the most important aspects of winterizing is draining liquid from hoses, pumps, and tanks to prevent it from freezing and damaging your equipment.

Once you’re sure cold temperatures have ended for the year, it’ll be time to reverse the steps of the winterization process.

– Reinstall strainer caps, screens, or plugs you removed

– Close valves you opened to let liquid drain

– Inspect hoses and belts for cracks and signs of dry rot

– Check belt tension (belts should have about half an inch of give)

– Test pumps to ensure flow rate is optimal

We’ve got a video that takes you through these steps.

Check Your Supply of Parts and Repair Kits: A little advance planning now can save you a lot of expensive downtime later. Prepare for minor repairs by stockpiling the replacement parts and repair materials you use most frequently. Here’s a printable list of the items you’re most likely to need.

Give Your Rigs a Spring Makeover: Repairing minor damage or applying a fresh paint job doesn’t just help to protect your investment – it’ll present a very visible representation of your company as well cared for and professional.

Emphasize Your Priorities: Spring is the peak time for signing up new customers, which means your team will be making a lot of first impressions. You also may be seeing some longer-term customers for the first time in a while. In either case, it’s important for your staff to remember that their primary product isn’t a fertilizer or an herbicide – it’s service. It’s a lot easier to ask them to refer you to their neighbors and friends if you’ve listened to their concerns and you’re confident you’ve done excellent work for them.

Clearly Communicate Expectations: Peak demand means more work – more driving, longer days. Remind your employees that they are the face of the company to their customers and that every customer is important and deserves their full attention and their best work.

Recommit to Making Your Company A Good Place to Work: Everyone obviously needs to show up on time and pull their weight, but a little personal attention and compassion go a long way. Look for ways to build camaraderie – people look forward to coming to work when they feel that they’re part of a team and they like the other people on it. This is an ideal time of year to reward high-performing employees with raises, bonuses, and recognition. Some companies host dinners or social events to renew a sense of unity and common purpose.

All of us at Graham hope that all of our customers and all of their employees enjoy a great start to a new year of lawn care!