September 19, 2023

We’ve written before about the importance of setting aside time to consider the subject of sustaining the growth of your business. For most of the year you’re too busy dealing with daily operations to focus on growth, but the off-season offers a great opportunity to do all the things you can’t do during peak lawn care tumult. Specifically, it’s a chance to think systematically about your marketing efforts, evaluating what’s working — and what’s not – while brainstorming new ideas. We’ve put together a few suggestions. 

Is Your Website Up to Date? 

Your website is the face of your company – the source of the overwhelming majority of first impressions you’ll be making – so it’s hard to overstate the importance of an attractive, professional-appearing, and easy-to-navigate site.  It should include: 

– a list of the services you provide, clearly explained 

– before-and-after photos

– testimonials from satisfied customers 

– links where prospective contacts can ask questions or request an estimate 

A blog is a big plus.  Coverage of a range of subjects will communicate the range of your expertise.  Plus Google notices when a site hasn’t been updated for a while.  A blog is a great way to rotate in new content on a regular basis and tell the all-knowing algorithm that your site is actively maintained. 

Does Your Brand Need a New Look? 

It’s not unusual for entrepreneurs to take a casual approach to branding when they’re first starting out. But at a certain point in the development of your business, you’ll want to spend some time with a graphic designer or a branding consultant. A consistent color scheme, a limited set of fonts, and a memorable logo may seem superficial compared to things like employee training and customer service, but, again, think about the criteria you use to evaluate a company at first glance. As soon as your business’s size can justify it, a coordinated look across your marketing materials, employee uniforms, and rigs will communicate professionalism to even the most casual observer. Not to mention the magnets, pens, calendars, cups, and hats you can distribute. 

Are You Using Online Advertising Tools? 

Your customers may adore you, but it won’t occur to many of them to share their love online unless you ask them to. Don’t hesitate to point your most enthusiastic supporters to review sites. Google Business Profile is a free service that lets you post basic information like your hours and service area and your customers supply reviews. Google also offers the Adwords platform, which allows you to specify search terms that will bring up your ad. You pay only when someone clicks on it. Given the sophistication of Facebook’s advertising tools, it’s no surprise it’s an industry giant. You can target potential customers grouped by geographical area, homeownership, marital status, age – the list goes on and on. 

Do You Connect with Your Customers on Social Media? 

Instagram and Facebook aren’t just for young folks anymore. Show off your work, share lawn care tips, and invite reviews. Consistency is more important than frequency – you can choose to post every week rather than every day, but if you do, it has to be every week. The goal is to stay present in your customers’ minds without annoying them. 

The U.S. is full of lawns and homeowners who need help with them. These are just a few ideas that we hope will get you started thinking in new directions so your business can expand and thrive. At Graham, we define our success as your success.