How to Limit Callbacks

January 29, 2018

Callbacks, oh, dreaded callbacks. Attempting to minimize people calling with concerns after a treatment or requesting a re-service is one part of an LCO’s business strategy. Callbacks cost a company time and money, so limiting them and, at the very least, budgeting for them can be crucial to your bottom line. Consider these suggestions to limit return visits and save time, product, and wear and tear on your lawn spray equipment:

Educate Your Techs

Sometimes callbacks are the result of employee error. If your techs are improperly trained in the application process, odds are your return visit requests will show that. Instill the value of correctly applying treatments and not rushing through the process. Rushing may result in your guys skimping in some areas, overapplying in others, or even applying the wrong treatment altogether. Education and discussion of these issues provide a good foundation for minimizing return visits.

Communicate Expectations

While educating your team on proper application techniques, you’ll also want to discuss the importance of communicating with the customer. Callback issues can also stem from unrealistic customer expectations. You may wish to create a “What to Expect” brochure that outlines how long applications need to take effect and other necessary lawn care tasks that are needed in addition to your treatments (like mowing and watering) to help limit these occurrences. Also, make sure your techs are leaving specific notes behind after a service so customers know not only that the tech was focused during the visit but also that the company has plans for the next phase of treatment and recommendations for the property owner in the interim.

While it’s important to try to minimize your losses, some return calls are inevitable. It’s a part of the business. In the event that a customer isn’t satisfied with your work and requests a return visit, always treat that re-service as a sale opportunity and go above and beyond customer expectations to avoid a cancellation, which will hurt a lot more. Educate your techs in this practice and make sure they connect directly with the customer or explain the job they did and the expected results. This shows customers that you value their business and will do anything to keep them satisfied.