Graham Spray Equipment’s Box Truck Spray Rig Extends Working Season for Lawn Care Companies

Atlanta, GA, January 30, 2018

Graham Spray Equipment, who specializes in customizing lawn spray units and rigs according to customer specifications, has expanded its offerings with a new box truck option. The fully enclosed truck protects spray equipment and chemicals from colder fall and winter temperatures, giving lawn care companies the ability to treat residential and commercial properties up to 10 weeks longer. By extending the spraying season, the box truck can effectively increase the revenue-generating portion of a company’s year.

“In many parts of the country, lawn care is a seasonal business. Some of this has to do with the type of turf, trees, and shrubs to be treated, but the colder temperatures of fall and winter are also a factor.”

– Donny Pitts, Graham General Manager

Pitts adds, “When temperatures dip, chemicals often don’t mix up or spray as well, and that determines when a company stops spraying for the season. Our box truck takes some of the bite out of fall and winter so companies can stay out in the field longer.”

The Graham box truck provides other advantages as well. Ample storage reduces repetitive loading and offloading of equipment, tools, and supplies. Side and back doors offer easy access to tanks, hoses, and cargo. The exterior allows a company to prominently display its name, logo, and contact information.

The 18-foot truck can be outfitted with a variety of Graham spray units configured to customer specifications, such as single, dual, and split tank options; mechanical or jet agitation; and multiple hose reels.

Learn more about Graham’s spray equipment and services by calling 800-543-2810.