The Parts You Need to Winterize Your Spray Rig

November 14, 2019

We’re proud of our wide range of customization options and our high level of post-sale customer service, so we talk about those a lot. But did you know that we also offer a huge selection of parts? More than 1,800, in fact. We know that when you need a part, you really need it, so we’ve sped up the shopping process by putting our 40 most popular items here on our website, where you can order with just a few clicks. But all of them are available with a quick call to 800-543-2810 or an e-mail to We can ship most orders the same day.

This time of year, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your spray unit. Any water that remains in any part of your equipment may freeze and expand, causing serious damage to pumps, regulators, and other important components. Robert Perkins of our Parts Department has compiled a checklist of items that he recommends you have on hand ahead of time to make winterizing a snap when the time comes.

See the list below or click here for a convenient printable version to keep on hand.

1. Diaphragm kits for pumps:

  • AR43285 for the AR30
  • AR43293 for the AR50
  • AR43289 for the AR403

2. The dampener diaphragm for the outside of all pump models: AR650671

3. Valve kits for pumps:

  • 9910-KIT1917 for the AR30
  • 9910-KIT1920 for the AR50
  • 9910-KIT2388 for the AR403

4. Replacement site tube:  K050-1014×100, 100 ft of 5/8” clear site tube

5. Replacement parts for Bean pumps and regulators:

  • 02-6031.09     Pulsation Dampener
  • 5251825          Bean R10/R20 Valve Kit (two kits required for the R20)
  • 5251827          Bean R10/R20 Cylinder Packing Kit (two kits required for the R20)
  • 5256493          Bean Regulator Rebuild Kit
  • 1251513          Valve Stem Assembly for Bean Regulator
  • 28089              Valve Seat for Bean Regulator

In addition to protecting your equipment during cold weather, the winterizing process is useful because of the various items you have to inspect. You may spot a problem with a part that’s not on the list.

You can also check out our guide to quickly and easily winterizing your unit, along with our other instructional videos, at