Top Five Apps to Streamline Your Lawn Care Business

August 28, 2017

With today’s technology, your phone can do a lot more than make and receive calls. While Graham can provide you with all the spray rig equipment you need, your phone can supply you with a variety of apps that make your job easier, and most of them cost little to nothing! Since you probably don’t have much free time to browse the app store, we’ll help you out with a few suggestions that lawn care professionals rank as their top picks.

The Weather Channel: When you’re working in a field that’s highly dependent on the weather, having a reliable forecast at your fingertips can be very helpful. The Weather Channel App is highly rated and displays detailed weather by the week, day, and hour. It also provides information about humidity, pollen counts, winds, the UV index, and more. You can even set up alerts to notify you when severe weather is expected in your area.

Dropbox: A file sharing app like Dropbox can really streamline your “paperwork.” It allows you to share and sync files between your computer and other devices, including iPad and phones, so you can access them from anywhere. When you update a file, the changes will be made across all of your devices. If you’re keeping notes about clients, it’s very beneficial to be able to save and share your files safely and easily.

Invoice2go: Wouldn’t it be convenient to bill your customer directly from the field? With Invoice2go, you can email an invoice to your customer from your smartphone or iPad. You even have the option to select a variety of templates, customizable with your logo. Additionally, it offers sales reports and other resources to help you better manage your business.

Planimeter: This app allows you to measure distance and land area on a map. Simply type in an address and it brings up measurements and views to familiarize you with the property. This handy tool can save you time measuring a yard on an initial visit to a potential customer. Get the information you need right from your phone, and provide them with a quote much sooner.

Turfgrass Management: So, you’re spraying a yard and come across some plant or turf damage but you’re not quite sure of the cause. Maybe it’s in the early stages or it’s out of the norm of what you typically deal with. The Turfgrass Management app is a great resource that can help you identify pests, weeds, and diseases. There is a free “lite” version as well as a more comprehensive resource available through a paid subscription. The subscription option provides access to an applications and pesticide database, as well as presentations from the UGA turfgrass faculty who created the app.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Of course, there are many other options that can help your business run more efficiently. We’d love to hear what your favorite lawn care-related apps are! Share them in the comments below.