What Your Customers Want to Know About Your Company

April 25, 2017

Homeowners put quite a bit of thought into hiring a lawn care company. People’s lawns are important to them and they want to make sure they hire the best company for the job. Knowing it will be an ongoing relationship, customers ask a lot of questions to ensure they make an informed decision. 

Reputation: Above all, people want to know if you have a good reputation. We place a lot of weight on others’ experiences. With so many reviews available on the web, reputation plays a big role in whether you’ll get hired. Encourage your current customers to leave reviews on various sites including google, yelp and Angie’s list. Also consider including a testimonial section on your website to share your customer’s positive experiences. Many positive reviews can go a long way in bringing in new business. 

Customer Service: Prospective customers also want to know if you have good customer service. If you have a secretary or answering service, be sure they’re courteous and welcoming on the phone. A rude phone conversation may be all it takes to turn away a customer. People also want to know if you’re responsive and follow through. Dependability is a big factor when deciding on a lawn care company. 

Quality: Customers are interested in the quality of your service. Is your spray equipment reliable? What products do you use and how effective are they? Before and after pictures on your website can help sway customers to go with your company. They’ll also want to know if they will have the same technician each time. This helps people develop a relationship with that person and address any ongoing issues. 

Contracts and Rates: Do you require a contract for your services? If so make sure the options are readily available so people know if they can add and subtract services with or without penalty. Be up front with how you charge, bundling options and what will require extra charges. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to contracts. 

Professionalism: Being licensed and insured along with joining professional organizations can be very helpful in establishing your credibility. Both show commitment and pride in your work.

Knowing these are top considerations for your potential clientele, make sure your marketing addresses these questions. It’s a good idea to make the answers readily available on your website as well so they have all the information at their fingertips to decide that your company is the best one for them.

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