Check Out Our Spray Units – In Stock Today!

October 28, 2022

Graham has several spray unit models available for purchase today!  As lawn care operators plan for next year, many are considering expanding operations.  We’ve got several options to fit a variety of business needs.  

Supply chain issues are still sporadically affecting American businesses in all sectors of the economy. Experts predict that bottlenecks will continue, and lawn care supplies and rigs are no exception. As we’ve previously announced, the current supply of Isuzu trucks is extremely limited, creating a severe shortage of available inventory. They are expecting new trucks in the third quarter of 2022, and as promised, we’ll be fulfilling pre-orders first. If you feel you may need a rig in 2023, we recommend you order now.

If you’re ready to expand in 2023 and you already have a suitable truck or know where to get one, there’s no need to wait any longer.  These spray units are ready to take off our lot today and start generating revenue for you on the first day of the new treatment season.

Graham builds all of its products to last.  Even the smallest of these rugged and reliable poly skid sprayers can generate over $100,000 a year for your business.

1. GSE 200-Gallon Poly Skid Unit – $6,800

2. GSE 225-Gallon Poly Skid Unit – $7,820

For more details on these units, visit call us at 770.942.1617.