Teddy’s Tips: Fall Turf Maintenance

August 20, 2019

The arrival of August means it’s time to start thinking about cool-season grass restoration. In this edition of Teddy’s Tips, Teddy offers advice about how to prepare and nourish these grasses, like Fescue, before the cooler months ahead. Read on for his helpful ideas!

  • Your customers’ cool season grasses should be prepared for fall aeration and overseeding starting in August. Preparation means applying lime, soil amendments, and weed controls so that the grass begins to heal from summer stressors.  
  • The end of August and beginning of September is the ideal time to apply the first round of fall pre-emergents if you are not planning to overseed. I recommend the brand Spectacle for this. If you are planning to overseed, I would skip the pre-emergents, as they may interfere with the growth of new grass.
  • Focus on cool-season grass’s fertility this time of year. Don’t over-fertilize, and spend time planning ahead for fall weed controls (with a focus on poa annua, which is common in our area).
  • Overseed in the fall when the soil gets below 68 degrees. In the south, this is typically in late September, while in the north, it could be as early as late August. Make sure to note the specific range of germination temperatures based on the seed you’re using and your local soil temperatures.

Though the fall season is typically calmer than early spring, there’s still plenty to be done. With the advice above, your clients’ cool-season turf is sure to stay healthy and strong throughout the fall and winter.