Teddy’s Tips: Summer Spraying Advice

June 20, 2019

This time of year brings extreme spikes in temperature that can cause harm to lawns. From fungal diseases to damage from mid-day spraying, summer provides many reasons for lawn care specialists to be at their most alert. Here are some tips on how to keep your customers’ lawns healthy and thriving – despite the heat.

  • Adjust your spray rates for the weather. The hotter it gets, the lower your rate should be. Pay attention to the temperature plus the intensity of the sun. If it’s going to be hotter than approximately 80 degrees for an extended period of time, lower your rates on the weed controls. Read the labels carefully – they will tell you the exact numbers to pay attention to.
  • Complete your applications in the morning. The best time to apply chemicals is in the morning before the sun gets too intense during mid-day. It’s best to do most of your applying in the morning when there is still dew on the ground. If you wait until mid-day, the stronger sun may burn the grass.
  • Watch for fungal diseases. Because of our wet winter, the arrival of warm temperatures means even more fungal activity than is usual for this time of year. Look for things like dollar spot and fungi in warm-season turf. If you see a fungal disease, use a high-quality fungicide to attack it. Most cases will require two to three applications spaced three to four weeks apart to produce results. Encourage your customers to water every other morning at around 7:00 for about 12 minutes per zone. That way, the lawn can absorb the water before the sun rises. Be sure to immediately address fungi; they can infiltrate and ultimately destroy a lawn if not handled quickly.

Summertime brings its own tough lawn issues. But close attention to your chemical usage and your customers’ turf will help them get the most out of their outdoor spaces this season.

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