Everyday Tools of the Trade

February 25, 2016

Your spray rig is the heart and soul of your business, but there are also many smaller tools available that can help make your job easier and more efficient. With so many lawn care tools on the market, it can be overwhelming to identify which ones are best to invest your money in.  It’s always smart to consider tools that are multifunctional, and tools that can be used frequently in your line of business. Make sure your investments are truly enhancing your business by helping you perform your job at a higher level. These everyday tools of the trade will help you do just that.

Deep Root Fertilizer Guns: Lawn care is not limited to maintaining turf. Ornamental tree and shrub care is also a big part of the job. If you treat trees and shrubs, a deep root fertilizer gun is a must-have in your tool collection. Lawn and landscape professionals use them for surface spraying or root feeding trees and shrubs. Deep root fertilizers gun will help you get the job done effectively by offering these priceless benefits:

  • Often treatments can be sprayed on the tree foliage, but in some scenarios, like iron deficiencies, it’s far more effective to apply the essential nutrients straight to the tree roots for rapid absorption.
  • Deep root fertilizer guns will release nutrients 2+ inches below the soil. This depth allows roots to feed on treatments easily, without the risk of dehydration.
  • The pressure used to release applications helps address soil compaction. Not only do nutrients reach the plant roots, the high pressure also loosens the surrounding soil, giving the roots more room to move and grow. 

Aerators: Aeration is another crucial job in lawn care. When investing in an aerator, a coring aerator is the way to go. You want it to actually remove plugs of soil instead of just pushing holes into the soil. Removing 3-4 inch plugs will reduce compaction, allowing water, air, and other nutrients to reach the root system. Hand aerators are very convenient to have on hand since they allow you to access tight spots. Considering the beating aerators can take throughout the year, you want to ensure you get a strong piece of equipment that will stand the test of time. 

Tillers: With numerous reasons to cultivate soil, a tiller is a versatile tool that you’ll be glad to have in your truck. Tillers enable you to effectively rough up soil so you can reseed bare areas, or seed new lawns. They’re also perfect for removing weeds and aerating soil in garden beds. Finding a tiller that offers a comfortable grip and weight will make your job a lot easier.

When deciding which tools you want to add to your arsenal, invest in quality equipment that is built to last. Finding tools that are comfortable and convenient to use is another part of the equation. You want your investment to be long term, and something you can rely on day in and day out.