Top Parts to Have on Hand: An Interview with Our Parts Expert

May 15, 2019

At Graham, we’re known for our customizable spray rigs. But we also offer an online shop filled with a vast selection of parts to help you keep your equipment — and business — running as smoothly as possible. This month, we asked our parts manager, Robert Perkins, about his top parts recommendations and the advice he often gives his customers.

Robert’s Parts Picks

  • The Blueflex Diaphragm Kit is important for the proper function of your pumps. It helps maintain optimal flow and prevent damage to the interior materials (like the pistons) by keeping the water and oil separate.
  • The Regulator Repair Kit for the Pressure Regulator for AR diaphragm pumps helps keep your regulator in top condition so that you don’t lose pressure.
  • Every rebuild kit for the Bean Pump such as the Valve Kit 
  • The Cylinder Packing Kit
  • The Pressure Relief Valve Kit for the Bean Regulator. The Valve Kits and Cylinder Packing Kit will help keep your pumps and regulators in top condition for many years.

Robert’s Top Tips

  • While you likely already know the importance of regular oil checks, Robert says to check the oil in your pump AND your motor regularly to keep things working well.
  • He recommends that you keep the packaging that your pulley belts come in. That way, you’ll always have the size of the belt on hand when you need to order others.
  • If you think there will be a cold snap, it’s very important to winterize your unit before that evening.
  • And finally, Robert shares that if you feel pressure lowering while you’re spraying, don’t panic. Instead, return to the truck and inspect your unit before proceeding. This can prevent further problems from overusing a pump with a leak or broken diaphragm.

We’re here to help you help your rig last. If you have any questions about parts or need customer support, we’re available via email or phone at 770.942.1617.