Spraying For Lawn Care AND Pest Control

December 12, 2014

In addition to using your spray equipment for turf and lawn care, you can also utilize it for pest control needs in the event your company handles this line of business. Your spray equipment can do double duty.

Typically, the equipment you use for pest control will be smaller, think a 100-gallon tank or less. We have a 200-gallon skid sprayer that will be able to handle all of your outdoor pest control accounts on any given day. Skid sprayers can also be used for many lines of business outside of pest control and lawn care such as agricultural, farm, landscape and tree spraying applications. This could be a major plus for your business in generating many stream of revenue. Not only is the skid sprayer versatile in application use, it can be mounted on just about any pickup truck or trailer, flatbed, rig or pulled behind a tractor. A reliable spray rig will definitely be necessary to help you transport the equipment and supplies safely from job to job. Graham Spray Equipment features great, customizable rigs for this.

Be sure to label and store all chemicals for lawn care and pest control separately if you’re switching applications at a jobsite or on your route. Try not to use the same sprayer for different applications; have another sprayer separate to handle lawn or turf care. If you only have the one skid sprayer, be sure to thoroughly clean the tank before switching chemicals.

Handling any chemical, either for pest control or lawn care, can be hazardous.

Read these safety measures below to prevent pesticide or any other chemical spills:

  • Use only spray equipment that is in good working order. Check equipment before it is used for faulty hoses, parts, spray guns and nozzles.
  • Calibrate your equipment to ensure it is spraying at the right rate of pressure for the job. Follow all labels.
  • Mix all pesticides outside near your vehicle. Fill all application equipment on the exterior of the structure. Do not carry any pesticide concentrates into the building or on the property.
  • Mix pesticides at each job. Mix only the amount needed for that job.
  • Store all pesticides in the original containers that are in sound condition. Transfer pesticides out of leaking containers immediately.
  • Drive defensively. Pesticide spills can result from an overturned spray rig.

Call Graham Spray Equipment at 770.942.1617 for any questions regarding how you can use your spray equipment for both lawn care and pest control. We can walk and talk you through any application or spray equipment purchase you may have in mind for your business.