2020 Lawn Spray Business Industry Trends

December 2, 2020

Industry analysts estimate that lawn care businesses in the United States that employ three to six people number nearly 100,000. Faced with so many options, why would a customer choose you? How can you distinguish yourself from your competitors? Returning calls quickly, showing up on time, and clear communication are the absolute minimum that today’s consumers expect.

Once you’ve won customers over, a second, equally important question arises: How do you get them to stick around? No one can afford a break from lead generation in a country where 35 million people move every year, each household taking their need for lawn services with them. Research findings vary, but it’s clear that acquiring a new customer costs significantly more than keeping a current one – up to six times as much. 

One key element of any marketing plan is making sure you’re keeping up with developments in the field. We’ve put together this list of some of the most important trends in lawn care.

infographic on lawn industry trends

None of these items qualify as breaking news. Hiring and pricing are perennial challenges. The real significance of these trends lies in their continuing prominence in discussion about the industry. They may be straightforward, but they’re far from simple. Otherwise, everyone would have mastered them by now.

A theme that connects these four trends is the idea that every activity connected to your business can be seen as a form of marketing. We realize that very few people start lawn care businesses because they love marketing so much, but this “marketing mindset” may be a helpful way to think about the ways you interact with current and potential customers. You, your employees, your website, even the work you do – all of these make up the public face of your company. To truly set yourself apart, remember that every contact, every communication, is important – and turn that thought into action.