Improve Your Lawn Care Company’s SEO and Show Up in Prospects’ Searches

May 4, 2021

What is SEO? Search engine optimization is the process of increasing your website’s visibility through major search engines like Google. While some elements of SEO are confusing, there are some simple steps you can take to raise your ranking among search results. Here are a few of the most effective techniques.

  • Site Organization
    • Make sure your website is easy to navigate with bold keywords and clearly defined navigation tabs. 
  • Keywords
    • Do some market research to determine what the top keywords are for your business category. For example, “lawn treatments,” “lawn fertilization,” “lawn care companies near me” and “weed control” are all terms that people commonly search for when shopping for a lawn care provider. Think about the words that people might search for when looking for a business like yours and pepper those throughout your content when appropriate.
  • Business Listings
    • Take some time in the off-season to go through your business listings on platforms like Google, Yelp, Foursquare and the Yellow Pages to make sure all your information is correct and consistent. If you don’t have a listing on one of the major platforms, create one. 
    • Flesh out your Google My Business profile with as much detail as you can. 
  • New Content/Blogs
    • Adding new content tells search engines that your site is actively maintained. Of course, that content should be relevant and valuable. Monthly blog posts are a great way to ensure a consistent supply of current information and to encourage visitors to return for the latest updates. 
    • Share your content on social media platforms and encourage others to do the same. 
  • Tags and Titles
    • If this level of technical detail seems too intimidating, consider reaching out to a marketing company for help. Making sure you have alt tags and meta descriptions across your site can significantly improve your rankings. A quick search for these terms can help you understand the requirements. 
  • Reviews
    • Encourage happy customers to leave reviews, especially on Google. There’s no need to offer incentives — natural, honest opinions are what you want. Many people don’t write them until asked because they don’t realize how valuable reviews can be.
    • Respond to your reviews. An active Google Business Profile with review responses provides a big SEO advantage. 

Take your lawn spray company to the next level by investing some time in the digital side of your business. Whether you tackle the task yourself, delegate to an employee, or hire a third party, improving your SEO will pay off in the long run.