July 1, 2022

Order Your New Rig Now

From grocery stores to manufacturing plants, the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on worldwide supply chains are everywhere, and unfortunately the Isuzu trucks that Graham turns into spray rigs are no exception. The current inventory that is available for purchase is extremely limited.

Graham’s partner Steven Nace with Rush Truck Centers of Smyrna, Georgia, is expecting new trucks to arrive during the third quarter of 2022. If you’ve been planning to buy a new spray rig this calendar year, we strongly encourage you to get in line by placing your order now.  We are now accepting pre-sale orders and will build new rigs beginning with the earliest. We cannot emphasize this enough: If you wait until the trucks arrive to place an order, you may not be able to purchase a Graham spray rig this year. We expect this shipment to sell out quickly, and as of this writing we’re not sure when more trucks will be available.

The earlier you order, the better your chances. To learn more, contact a Graham representative today.

One more thing: Fortunately, parts have not been affected as seriously as trucks. Still, as COVID precautions in other countries continue to evolve in response to new variants, this would be a very bad time to run out of the parts you need to keep your rigs on the road.  Stock up now to ensure that you’re prepared to get through the rest of the busy season and the rest of the year. Robert Perkins, our parts manager, is here to help. Contact him at 770.942.1617,, or through the “Contact Us” page of our website, which is also where you’ll find our online parts catalog featuring our top-selling items.