Teddy’s Tips: Cool Season Grass

October 21, 2019

Now that temperatures are lower, it’s time for cool-season grasses to shine. In this month’s iteration of Teddy’s Tips, Teddy explains simple ways to ensure your customers’ cool-season turf stays healthy throughout the fall and winter.

  • If you haven’t already, it’s time to aerate and overseed cool-season grasses. To do this, the ground temperature should be around 65-68 degrees so that fescue grass can successfully germinate. Several websites can help you determine when this occurs in your area.
  • Apply a nutrition-based fertilizer on cool-season turf during this time of year. Be sure, however, that it is low in nitrogen since too much nitrogen can overfeed the young grass and stunt root growth.
  • Instruct your customers to keep leaves off of their lawns. Since leaves block sunlight and can cause grass to become matted, it’s best to ensure that lawns are leaf-free. More sunlight will also encourage more new growth.

Help your customers’ cool season grasses revive and thrive after summer’s brutal heat. With these tips, their lawns should be picturesque all season.