July 7, 2023

As a lawn service company owner, you’ve experienced the frustration that arises when you have to take a rig out of service to replace a single part. One of the cheapest forms of business insurance you can invest in is a stockpile of the replacement parts that you’re most likely to need. This month we asked Robert Perkins, Graham’s parts manager, to list the parts that you should keep on hand.

1. AR30/40 Diaphragm Kit – $70

Robert says: “Always have one on your shelf per rig so you never have any downtime.”

2. Lids – 8” ($15), 12” ($18), 16” ($20)

“A spare lid will save you money by keeping chemicals in their tanks if a lid gets lost.”

3. Belts (various)

“You never know when a belt might tear, warp, or wear after multiple seasons of use. Always keep spare belts on your truck so you can replace them on the go and continue spraying.”

His last recommendation is an item that we don’t actually sell: oil. Fortunately, it’s available at countless places, but if you find yourself needing some, you’ll be very grateful to have some close at hand on your rig.

We carry more than 1,800 components to keep your lawn spray equipment in peak working condition. Our online catalog features the top 40, for quick, convenient ordering of our top sellers. If you do not see the part or tool you need, contact parts manager Robert Perkins at 770.942.1617 or

Place your order before 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time and we’ll ship it that same day. When you purchase a Graham spray rig, you get lifetime phone support, so if you need help with installation, we can usually talk you through the process.