What We’ve Learned After 30 Years in the Business

July 31, 2017

With a combined 60+ years of experience under their belts, and working from the ground up, Donny Pitts (General Manager) and Dave Arnett (Sales Manager) bring a wealth of knowledge to the Graham team. With such valuable resources in-house, we thought we would ask them to share some insights with you. We asked them four questions that could help anyone considering getting into or already established in the lawn care industry and here’s what they had to say.

What’s your best advice for someone purchasing a spray rig?

  • If money is a big issue, be careful. If you buy something cheap, it won’t last long.
  • You want something that is durable and can grow with you.
  • Choose a company that offers customer service and will walk you through any problems you may have.
  • Be sure that your rig is composed of high-quality components.
  • Ask about warranties.

What have you learned after 30 years of building spray rigs? We’ve learned that lawn care can be a more lucrative business than you might think. We’ve seen a lot of guys become millionaires spraying lawns. Finally, like a lot of jobs, you get out of it what you put into it. The higher the quality of the components you use, the better results you’re going to get in terms of more longevity and less maintenance.

How does lawn care complement a landscaping business? Offering lawn care services alongside your landscaping business makes life a lot easier for your customer base by offering them a one-stop shop. It enables them to have one point of contact for accountability, which can reduce a lot of headaches. From what we’ve seen, landscape companies that add lawn care, for the most part, show a significant return on their investment and eventually expand.

Why should a lawn care company consider providing tree and shrub treatments? Just like adding lawn care to a landscaping business, adding tree and shrub treatments to your lawn care business is convenient for customers. Adding additional services like tree and shrub treatments also gives your techs an incentive to upsell, meaning more money in your pocket.