Winterizing Your Rig

September 12, 2014

Getting Your Rig Prepared for Winter

There are different procedures when preparing your rig for winter depending upon which part of the county you live in. If you live and work along coastal regions, the weather is more corrosive on equipment, so you should take the time to note the special maintenance you have to do because of that. In Northern regions, there are fewer numbers of days you can spray because of freezing temperatures along with snow and ice on the ground. Southern regions spray almost year-round due to mild falls and winters.

If you are in the Northern region, here are several steps to follow to help your rig stay on maintenance for the next season:

(Note: Before starting this procedure, make sure you are able to shelter your rig indoors for winter).

 7-Step Winterizing Procedure

  1. Remove strainer caps and screens to prevent corrosion.
  2. Open ball valves on suction lines.
  3. Remove nozzles from guns and fix trigger in open position.
  4. Remove plug or open drain valve from the regulator to prevent corrosion.
  5. Open all valves on tanks including drop valve.
  6. Open all valves on reels.
  7. Turn pump over until water stops leaking, this will prevent freezing liquid inside.

Be sure that before starting work in the springtime, you connect all items (caps, valves, lids, etc.) back on and reverse these steps to get your rig back to running again.