Four Common Misperceptions About Purchasing a Spray Rig

July 29, 2019

Deciding which lawn spray rig is right for your business is no simple task. To help alleviate confusion, our experts have compiled the most common misperceptions that they hear regarding spray equipment. Read on for their helpful responses!

Misperception #1 – Professional lawn spray equipment is comparable to off-the-shelf equipment from large box stores.

Professional lawn spray equipment is made to run for much longer than the options readily available in stores. It is created to be used daily, not monthly like most store-bought options. In addition, professional equipment is meant to pump much more liquid throughout its longer lifespan. When you purchase professional spray equipment, you’re choosing a high-quality product that is meant to run smoothly for years, even with constant use.

Misperception #2 – Choosing a spray rig is simple.

When you’re designing a rig set-up that is right for your business, the process works like a complex formula. Customers should consider options like plumbing, motors, the size and length of the hose, and the gallonage that the gun should handle. The experts at Graham can help determine the most appropriate choices for your needs.

Misperception #3 – You only need room for a small amount of liquid.

This misperception is a common one with regard to rigs meant for tree businesses. If you’re looking for a pump, hose, and engine that allow for spraying up to 80 feet, for example, you’re going to need a tank larger than 200 gallons. If the tank does not match the desired coverage, you’ll be stopping work to fill the tank more often.

Misperception #4 – You should overestimate your spraying needs.

Often, customers believe that it’s better to have too much capacity rather than not enough. If the gallonage is too high, it is difficult to get it down to the rate at which you spray. Rather than opting for a tank that is too small or too large, choose equipment that suits your true needs. Our experts can recommend the best selection for you.

The process of choosing the spray equipment that is right for your business’s needs can be overwhelming. With step-by-step guidance from the professionals at Graham, you’re sure to select the rig or parts that are most appropriate for your needs.