How to Manage the Top Six Most Frustrating Weeds

May 17, 2018

Weed control is a key component of any lawn spraying business. Effectiveness in this area will have a lot of influence on the success of your company. Customers want lawns that are not only lush but also weed-free. Some especially stubborn weeds will present you with a lot of challenges if you don’t determine how to properly manage them. Here are our top six most frustrating weeds and our tips for combating them:

Top Six Stubborn Weeds

  • Nutsedge
  • Crabgrass
  • White Clover
  • Wild Violets
  • Virginia Buttonweed
  • Ground Ivy

Keys to Weed Control

  • Know their life cycle: To successfully treat a weed, it is highly advantageous to know which stage of its life cycle it has reached. Determine if it’s an annual, biennial, or perennial. (The latter is the most common in established lawns.) This will help you understand the best time to treat the weed and the herbicide that is most likely to be effective.
  • Select the right herbicide: Make sure your lawn spray equipment is loaded with the best option available for the specific weed you’re attacking. Herbicides aren’t one-size-fits-all, and finding the best formula to combat some weeds might take some research. For example, while “three-way” herbicides that contain 2,4-D, MCPP and dicamba work well to tackle many common broadleaf weeds, they won’t fully eradicate ground ivy. You may have to use other ingredients like Metsulfuron or Triclorpyr depending on grass type. Keep in mind that some weeds may require multiple applications.
  • Follow directions: It may seem obvious, but following directions is also key. Using herbicides is not the time to assume you know what the application directions say. Always read instructions carefully and train your employees to do the same.
  • Leave clear follow-up instructions: As always, communication with your customers can play a large role in your success. Make sure you discuss treatments with the homeowner and/or leave detailed notes with their invoice regarding the application. Specify how long they should wait before mowing and watering, and tell them approximately when they can expect to see results.

Equip yourself with the knowledge of weed control that will set your business apart. Once you’ve perfected the art of managing stubborn weeds, you can bet your phone will be ringing with referrals.